What are we doing? And how can you engage?

The Re-Making Moby-Dick project is an international multimodal storytelling performance instigated and enacted over several months during 2013. Poets, writers, artists, schoolchildren, scholars, dancers, curators, and sailors are invited to engage the project and participate via the means most natural to their expressive practice. The 135 chapters, along with the extracts, inscription, epigraph, and epilogue, of Herman Melville’s 1851 novel serve as prompts for responsive work created in multiple forms, recorded in digital video and exhibited online. Your creative expressions will contribute to Melville’s already unwieldy and materially eccentric text, supplying new means by which to capture and release the essence of the “white whale” at the core of the text. We invite poets to respond with poetry, storytellers with stories, photographers with images of the sea, painters and printmakers with new work, museum curators with commentary, graffiti artists with whales on walls, school-children with their own stories and reactions, dancers with movement and gesture, scholars with interpretation and analysis, and sailors with their own complementary narratives. Each response will be aligned with single chapters and core elements of the work and documented on video so that all 139 prompts are addressed, each at least once and by a different participant.

The resulting video will be screened in a public location in Karlskrona, Sweden during the Mixing Realities Digital Performance Festival in May 2013. The festival will foreground mixed reality works presented by scholars, curators, and International artists working across media (in sound, video, augmented reality, digital and live performance, dance).

After the festival, we will repurpose and re-contextualize the project artifacts, offering yet another “text” published online and in print form that can be shared with a wider audience, along with the original work from the festival, as a further extension of the project.

And we are currently soliciting video submissions created as expressive responses to Herman Melville’s novel Moby-Dick. For more detail, and to see how you can contribute, please see the CFP. If you have any questions, just email trishlet at gmail.

Re-Making Moby-Dick and the Mixing Realities Digital Performance Festival are funded by Art Line, a South Baltic Programme EU Project exploring art innovation in public, physical, and digital space.

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