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first sentence of chapter 109

According to usage they were pumping the ship next morning; and lo! no inconsiderable oil came up with the water; the casks below must have sprung a bad leak.

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first sentence of chapter 110

Upon searching, it was found that the casks last struck into the hold were perfectly sound, and that the leak must be further off.

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the Moby-Dick Marathon is underway!


If you’d like to see the schedule or follow via live stream, the Museum is making it possible.  To follow via Twitter, use the hashtag #MDM17 and/or just follow @whalingmuseum.

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a book, and vision, we love

Dan Beachy-Quick’s A Whaler’s Dictionary takes  Ishmael’s Cetological Dictionary in Moby-Dick as a starting point and then endlessly riffs on every whaling concept.

from Thought (Hunt), a reflection on the foreheads passage in chapter 79 of Moby-Dick:

The metaphor is telling in its effort at accuracy. The eyes are pools whose water is the seen world — the vaster one’s attention, the deeper the water. The eyes are the pools the antlered thoughts          drink in. The image makes a vast claim: that thoughts (note how the body of the deer is constructed by metonymy, as if the defining scope of the whole beast must be imagined in order to be seen) feed upon vision, thoughts slake their thirst in the perceptual.

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