Moby-Dick as catalyst for community dialogue

A fascinating case study of a Moby-Dick adaptation in Alaska.  Jeffrey Hermann explains:

Our project sought to unite Alaskans from across our vast state in dialogue about some of the
most divisive cultural, political, and social issues we face as a people. These include Native
claims to the right of subsistence, the growing urban and rural divide and the battle between our
environment and our economy.
These issues are the subject of front-page stories in our newspapers; heated exchanges on our
radio talk shows; federal and state legislation; public policy debates; and, seemingly more and
more frequently, litigation in our courts. Alaskans have very strong, emotionally-charged views
on these issues, and debate is often confrontational. Our project—a statewide tour of our
original Alaskan theatrical adaptation of Moby Dick—sought to elevate the tenor of these debates
through an arts-based promotion of rational exchange.

Moby-Dick poster by Ken Taylor

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