Join the Remaking Moby project. We have an entry point for you. Really.


We are remaking Melville’s great novel Moby-Dick. And we need you to help us.

How does that work?  We give you prompts, images, chapters, concepts, whatever you need to get you going.

How do you get started? Email us at

What happens with what you create? Our project curator is assembling all the contributions to create a remade Moby-Dick, chapter by chapter. In May, in Karlskrona, Sweden, the project will be exhibited as a collection of video artifacts on endless loop. In the late fall, we are releasing a print version of the artifacts as a “remade” novel, with a companion multimedia website.

Do you have to submit a video? No. Submit what you have. Talk to us about what you have. We are working with people where they are.

Do you have to be a Melville person? No. But fair warning: soon, you might become one.

Many of the chapters are already assigned, but we do have more waiting for you. Let’s talk.

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