extended deadline for Remaking Moby-Dick contributions: May 8

We’ve extended the deadline for Remaking Moby-Dick! You’re still requesting chapters and sharing ideas, and we want to be sure you have time to engage the project.

What are some possible entry points? Write a poem, a prose riff, some associative listing, a responsive set of questions, … up to you.  And then send it to us. If your entry is accepted, we will call you (on the phone of your choice; for us it will be Skype) so we can record you reading it. Your accepted piece will be part of the Mixing Realities festival in Sweden in May. But it will also become part of the print Remaking Moby issue of the Pea River Journal.

The first step is Getting Your Chapter.  So please email trish@peariverjournal.com or remakingmoby@gmail.com and request one.  We will send you a chapter synopsis and Deep Question and bring you back here via The Submittable Link.  (Moby-Dick has 100+ chapters plus an epilogue. We have written synopses and central compelling questions for each of the chapters. Yes, we have. We are handing them out randomly but need to make sure all the chapters are covered, therefore.)

We are seeing such incredible contributions already.  We can hardly wait to see yours.

Good luck! We look forward to reading what you submit!

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