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press clippings for the Mixing Realities festival and Remaking Moby-Dick project

mobysweden2 swedenmoby

The festival was amazing, with augmented reality workshops and talks, a Moby-Dick marathon reading that included both co-located and Skyped-in readers from around the world, and several installations (including Remaking Moby).

What is next for Remaking Moby-Dick? A print version of contributed work. Regional readings and screenings. And, yes, ongoing contribution, creation, and curation. So if you missed the festival and still want to contribute, stay posted. We will post a new call for work in early June.

Thank you, Remakers, for your beautiful, thoughtful work. Your viewing subjects have loved it so far.

dreamy menace. memory and/of threat. a remade Epilogue of #MobyDick.


We love the dreamy menace of this remaking, the merge of what seems to be memory and/of threat, the sense of union with the water and its creatures. A gorgeous video.

Chapter 4. The Counterpane. Remade.

Remade by Ed Madden as a gorgeous poem, then remade again as video by Kathy Fitch.

are your checking the Remaking playlist? because things like this arrive every day now.


Still need to subscribe? You can do it at the channel:

the whalesong project: listen to whales in real time


The project’s goals?

  • Share the songs of Hawai’i’s whales with the world, live over the Internet, during the islands’ humpback whale season (November to June) through our
  • Research and develop acoustic and other monitoring technologies to enhance the transmission quality of the songs from the hydro-phone off the coast of Maui to the website link.

There’s even an app. We love this project.

famous in Sweden: Remaking Moby-Dick screening starts in just 9 days

We are so thrilled to have dozens of Remaking Moby-Dick video contributions ready for next week’s Mixing Realities Digital Performance Festival. And more are on the way.  We will screen the project on continuous loop May 24-26 at the Blekinge County Museum in Karlskrona.

If you’d like to see what’s already available, just check our playlist (and subscribe for updates):


If you’d like to contribute to the project, we are still accepting video through May 21.

A huge Thank You to  everyone helping create work for this huge, beautiful, participatory project.



Hey Fergus! Don’t chew on Ahab’s leg.

A lovely new contribution to the Remaking Moby-Dick project.