post-festival news: the future of Remaking Moby-Dick

The Remaking Moby-Dick screening in Karlskrona went well, with ample encouraging feedback and, of course, admiration for the work many of you contributed.  Thank you!

So what is next for the project?

I’ll continue to encourage, and collect/curate, work for the project, both text and video.  Why? For three next-wave iterations of the project:

  • a fall or winter screening of Remaking Moby-Dick (with even more video, how much is really up to the contributors) in both Europe and North America
  • a late-fall print version of Remaking Moby-Dick, which I am eginning to edit now, with the contributed text/image chapters presented in Melville’s sequence design
  • a 2014 chapbook focused just on the Whiteness of the Whale.


In the next week or so, I’ll issue three new calls: for video, chapter responses for currently unclaimed chapters, and remakings of the Whiteness.

Thank you for your interest and participation. And to those of you who’ve asked if it is now too late to be part of the project: no, it is not too late.

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