tracking whale routes and numbers: the Song of the Whale report

Maps, data, and the kind of intensely specific detail Ishmael would love. Read the entire report at the IFAW site.

“1.5 Aims

  • Through a combination of acoustic and /or visual effort the team aimed to:
  • Investigate the presence and distribution of blue whales on the passage and particularly in the Laurentian Channel.
  • Investigate the presence and distribution of the Northern right whale in the Eastern Atlantic.
  • Acquire high quality recordings of various species for subsequent description and comparison.
  • Contribute to photographic–identification catalogues for the North West Atlantic through local collaboration.

The research passage between Boston, USA, and Iceland was conducted in between 7
th July and 29th July 2012 and passed through American, Canadian, Greenlandic and Icelandic waters. The voyage
was conducted from the 21m auxiliary-powered cutter-rigged sailing research vessel Song of the Whale. The passage was conducted under sail, motor or motor/sail between a minimum of five knots (to stream hydrophones) and a maximum of eight knots (to reduce cable strum and keep the arrays at depth).”

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