seeing the Remaking Moby-Dick project as it evolves: near-daily releases and previews

As the project continues to grow and evolve, we realize we see the more-complete, more-unified version. And we want you to see it.

So we created a series of releases and previews that will give you a near-daily glimpse of the project, in Melville’s order.  As you might already know, the project has two lives and at least two faces: the video remakings at our YouTube channel and the text remakings that will become a bound print artifact late this year.  Here at the Remaking Moby blog, we’re attempting to share both, starting with the front matter and then moving through the chapters, in a mix of genres and modes.  What you’ll see over the next four months is a mix of work (both video and text) submitted directly for inclusion and closely related found artifacts curated for the project.

We hope you enjoy the unfolding.

We are still accepting new work for both print and video. Please see “join the project” for details.

And once the print version of Remaking Moby-Dick is available, we will let you know.

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