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lanterns waiting to guide us to the ship

Before the start of the SAIAH production of Moby-Dick in Atlanta this April, viewing subjects waited in a warehouse adjacent to the performance space. As we met new people and wandered among reclaimed artifacts and performance storyboards, sailors brought lanterns, one by one, into the warehouse. And when dusk fell, the sailors became our guides, each taking a lantern to usher us through the falling dark to the abandoned warehouse that soon would become a town, and an ocean, and a ship.


seeing the Remaking Moby-Dick project as it evolves: near-daily releases and previews

As the project continues to grow and evolve, we realize we see the more-complete, more-unified version. And we want you to see it.

So we created a series of releases and previews that will give you a near-daily glimpse of the project, in Melville’s order.  As you might already know, the project has two lives and at least two faces: the video remakings at our YouTube channel and the text remakings that will become a bound print artifact late this year.  Here at the Remaking Moby blog, we’re attempting to share both, starting with the front matter and then moving through the chapters, in a mix of genres and modes.  What you’ll see over the next four months is a mix of work (both video and text) submitted directly for inclusion and closely related found artifacts curated for the project.

We hope you enjoy the unfolding.

We are still accepting new work for both print and video. Please see “join the project” for details.

And once the print version of Remaking Moby-Dick is available, we will let you know.

Laurie Anderson. One White Whale.


(The soundtrack for Songs and Stories from Moby Dick was recorded by the BBC but never released as such; however, some of the songs are available on Anderson’s Life on a String.)

Laurie Anderson. Q&A. Songs and Stories from Moby-Dick.

At :58 and forward, she discusses the production of specific sounds for the performance (and why/how they matter).

Also, a great article on Songs and StoriesScott Saul’s “Mysteries of the Postmodern Deep: Laurie Anderson’s Songs and Stories from Moby Dick.”

Charles W. Morgan whaleship relaunch set for July 21


The Charles W. Morgan has been painstakingly rebuilt. Read the full story at the Mystic Seaport Museum site.


tracking whale routes and numbers: the Song of the Whale report

Maps, data, and the kind of intensely specific detail Ishmael would love. Read the entire report at the IFAW site.

“1.5 Aims

  • Through a combination of acoustic and /or visual effort the team aimed to:
  • Investigate the presence and distribution of blue whales on the passage and particularly in the Laurentian Channel.
  • Investigate the presence and distribution of the Northern right whale in the Eastern Atlantic.
  • Acquire high quality recordings of various species for subsequent description and comparison.
  • Contribute to photographic–identification catalogues for the North West Atlantic through local collaboration.

The research passage between Boston, USA, and Iceland was conducted in between 7
th July and 29th July 2012 and passed through American, Canadian, Greenlandic and Icelandic waters. The voyage
was conducted from the 21m auxiliary-powered cutter-rigged sailing research vessel Song of the Whale. The passage was conducted under sail, motor or motor/sail between a minimum of five knots (to stream hydrophones) and a maximum of eight knots (to reduce cable strum and keep the arrays at depth).”

unclaimed chapters: c’mon and Remake some Moby

We’ve had such an incredible response to the Remaking Moby-Dick project. (Thank you.)

One of the big surprises has been the way some chapters seem to beckon writers and artists. We have several (several, several) remakings of some of the chapters, each of them adding a set of nuances to the original. We love them all.

But we have dozens of unclaimed chapters. Would you like to remake one? If so, take one and send your work to our curator via Join the Project.

Here’s the list of unclaimed chapters:














Thank you in advance! the window is open through mid September, and we go to print in the late (late) fall.