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Did you think you missed out on the Remaking Moby-Dick project?

Well, we have found ways to include your ideas and remakings as the Remaking Moby-Dick project continues.

We have issued two new calls: one for chapter responses for the print version of the project, and one for new/more video for the second screening of the Remaking Moby playlist.

Your poems and stories are due by 9/15. Videos are due by 10/15.

Please feel free to share the CFP. If you’re a teacher planning fall classes and are looking for a fascinating student project with an instant audience, Remaking Moby is perfect. If you have ideas or questions, please just email us at remakingmoby at gmail.

Thank you in advance for helping us make the project even bigger and more amazing. xx

still haven’t read Moby-Dick? try a single chapter.

Which chapter? Well, at the Remaking Moby-Dick YouTube playlist, you can parse videos inspired by single chapters. Find one that inspires you.

Then … do you need to purchase a copy? Not yet, not really. You can go to the University of Virginia Moby etext and click and read.

Let me urge you to go. And then read.

A selection: