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Remaking Moby-Dick is now available

We are thrilled to announce that the print version of Remaking Moby-Dick is now available.

You can view and/or download the book at Scribd. (For free.)

And if you like to hold and touch the books you read, you can purchase a copy at Lulu or at Amazon. (We are making print copies available at cost.)

Thank you so much, all of the beautiful people who contributed to this project. Some of you created a poem, a story, an essay, an image, a video, a song, a performance. Some of you created multiple contributions. Some of you created software that helped us rethink, and remake, chapters. And some of you simply gave us a starting place, inspiration, a kick, a shared love for Melville and his huge, ghastly, gorgeous, essential novel. Thank you thank you.

searching after absolute whiteness: Rebecca Childers’ analog internet

“This installment, a translation device for turning human English into computer language, features an excerpt from Ulises Carrión’s seminal text, The New Art of Making Books. Carrión asserts that the ultimate book “is searching after…absolute whiteness,” attempting to transcend language and the material confines of the book. In this project, viewers are invited to imagine that Carrión’s words—debossed into the book to the left—go up the hand-worked cord, over the glass transformer, and are translated into binary code in the book to the right. ”

(From the installation description at Sandy Gallery.)